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What my work is about

Unique: I incorporate a realism with a little bit of wry twist to it.

Savvy: My work ethic and high standards make me strive to go the extra mile. I keep in mind what the character wears tells their story.

Intuitive: I see what needs to be done, can organize it, break it down, make sure it’s consistent, and package it all together with ease. 

Creative: I have an artist's eye that is incorporated into every thing I design.

Resourceful: I have worked in several cities and use the resources and facilities to the best advantage for the project. I am budget-minded and make good use of what I have at hand.



BFA in Art and Design

Northern Illinois University

Dekalb, IL   

Fine Art degree focused on video production and computer graphics

BFA program

University of Missouri

Columbia, MO   

first two years of art and design program

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